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    We have made a move over to a new software for our webstore for Wyrd, using a cart software that is much more stable and allows for a whole heap more of services such as wish lists, gift certificats, reviews and more. Top that off with that it makes life a whole lot easier for me behind the scenes and we're finally able to integrate the shop visualy with the rest of the site.

    And to kick off the new web store, we are now selling the latest Wyrd miniatures through the webstore, Leveticus - Steampunk Sorcerer, Misaki - Warmaiden and Seamus - The Mad Hatter.

    More details in the comments link
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    1. TAB Studio's Avatar
      TAB Studio -
      The shop is very pretty
      you have some links problems,... details and the best seller links are not functioning as I went there.

      Some of the most wonderful miniatures and such impressive paint work to be had.
      Best of luck
    1. Ritual's Avatar
      Ritual -
      Rob, Jeremy, Krom... thanks!

      I\'ve posted the Mad Hatter HERE. I\'ll probably post Leveticus and a few others soon too.
    1. the death korp's Avatar
      the death korp -
      oooh nice models
    1. Frustrated Father's Avatar
      Frustrated Father -

      Well a nice little PHP bug jumped up and kicked me in the bloody teeth today ...

      But, with a bit of help and understanding, just a touch of work, that is all taken care of now and for you folks that were having trouble logging in or seeing details on the miniatures, that is all taken care of now.

      The link and the web links for the shop have been updated. Sorry for the inconvience.
    1. Drake Farstrider's Avatar
      Drake Farstrider -
      Originally posted by Ritual
      Rob, Jeremy, Krom... thanks!

      I\'ve posted the Mad Hatter HERE. I\'ll probably post Leveticus and a few others soon too.
      Did the vote and comment thing Anders.
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      I would like to say that Wyrd is improving....but I think they came out of the gate at super high quality, and just refuse to do anything lesser.

      Everything they have has been stellar, and someone told me somewhere the stuff they have coming up is even cooler....

      I would like to see some more \"killjoy-esque\" big uglies though...(hint hint)

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