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    For those of you waiting to field your Saint Mary force. Or for those who have been waiting to unleash the madness of the Toxic Cult, now is your time.

    Now is the time for Exodus!!

    Exodus brings you 118 pages of intense background material, beautiful yet macabre artwork and all the rules you need to field Saint Mary's forces or the Skarrd Cult of Toxin. Genesis is required for the core rules.

    To herald the release of Exodus, we are also introducing two new miniatures; one each for the forces of Exodus.

    DAG3019 Skarrd Saber

    Saber has only recently returned to the fold of the Skarrd, having spent many years wandering Samaria in solitude. She is one of a rare breed, and it is unsurprising that she grew to live beyond the status quo. Saber is the rare child of a Skarrd Father, an almost unheard-of phenomenon. Blessed with exceptional dexterity and possessing articulated and clawed toes, she uses an unnatural climbing ability. Wielding twin sabers, she is leading her tribe down the path illuminated by her visions.

    DAG1029 Forsaken X'Cess

    X'Cess is an ex-Reaver turned mercenary. Trained under Saint Mark as a Reaver, she left that Saint's employ under curious conditions, but refuses to acknowledge any form of authority. Her skills make her a valuable asset to any Forsaken force she will work for, but her attitude...that's another story.

    Next...Saint John and The Brood!

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