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    The new diorama, "Fall of the Citadel" is painted up now and in the process of casting for production. It should be ready by late August, once Gencon is finished. This 30mm diorama has an elven warrior astride an armored griffon, attacking a pair of knight who dutifully guard what is left of their crumbling citadel. The base of the griffon fits in a 50mm square and has three jigsaw style slots for the knights' bases so the diorama can be customized for display or separated apart for gaming. The full set is available for pre-order at the price of $29.99 USD from the dragonblood site.

    The new knight captain model that comes with the diorama is also avaiable separately. The figure has a slot-tab on the bottom that fits into the main base and comes with parts to make a greatsword or broadsword-wielding knight. The visor is separate and can be attached in a raised or lowered position. A single model with all parts is available for pre-order at $5.99 USD. A two-knight team is $7.99 USD and a larger unit of ten knights is $34.99 USD.

    For more information please visit the website.
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