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    There's a new sculpting material called Pro-create, it's made in the US and has been developed with the help of miniature sculptors. That is, during the development samples with different formulations have been sent to several sculptors worldwide which included people like Jeff Valent, Werner Klocke, Stefan Nieheus, Chaz Elliott and other profesionals (oh, and an amateur: me ) which have been giving comments to finetune it. Mouldmaking was also tested.

    Full details in the comments link
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    1. quadrille's Avatar
      quadrille -
      Cool I think I gotta try this out.

      And yeah, hehe I bet Tom Meier is one of the only sculptors who\'d even attempt a portrait at 4mm Probably the only one who could pull it off!

      You gotta love his \"elf painting an elf painting an elf...\" miniature, he litterally sculpted a mini holding a mini (holding a mini)! lol
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