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  • Colonel Marbles Miniatures Review #7

    Time for another great weekly round up!
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    1. KingM's Avatar
      KingM -
      You can view the page at
    1. james sequeira's Avatar
      james sequeira -
      they dont have a uk retailer at the moment.someone tried to stock them but no one ordered ???
    1. peteh's Avatar
      peteh -
      @KingM - I couldn\'t find a UK distributor for MSB so ended up ordering direct from them. Very friendly service and delivered real quick to the UK, only drawback is that the shipping is a bit expensive.
    1. KingM's Avatar
      KingM -
      Cheers, I might do that then. Warrior frogs, I can\'t resist
    1. Ogrebane's Avatar
      Ogrebane -
      I havent heard of half of em but there were some nice minis in there.
    1. Torn blue sky's Avatar
      Torn blue sky -
      Yah, Look forward to the Crunch-Waffle Demon/angel release. And Zombie Pygmies?!! Fantastic!
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      The Col. Marbles Vid review is probably one of the coolest additions we\'ve seen to the mini community in some time. I sure hope he keeps it up!
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