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    Before Ginfritter retired from adventuring he was an illusionist / thief. He was adept at convincing the big bad monsters that he was just "an innocent little gnome with his great bluff skill and big, sad, soulful eyes (just before he would fry the big bad monster’s rear with a fireball that he is holding onto for just such an occasion. . .). Bring Ginfritter to your gaming session and convince you’re GM or PC's that he is just an innocent little gnome. . . This miniature comes unpainted with a standard 25mm round base - resin display base not included.

    Ginfritter’s Gnomish Workshop Releases for the month of September two new Egyptian decal designs in black white and gold – the Ankh and Anubis. Also available are four new variant colors for the lion head and lion rampant. Both are now available in gold and white. Don’t forget to add to your warband Ginfritter’s resin display bases.

    Check out in the news section the new concept art and greens for upcoming Ginfritter’s Miniatures.
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