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  • Thunderbolt Mountain Releases High Elves

    We are pleased to announce the High Elf Archers are now available for purchase. The archers are $3 for a single figure and they are also available in discounted 6 and 20 packs.

    am also making the pre-release foot version of the Human Knight available for purchase ($3.50). There is eventually going to be a mounted version, but there is no release date set. Quantities are limited, since I am basically selling the leftover stock that we had brought to GenCon. Once they are sold through, we will not be producing it until we have the entire foot and mounted version in production. So no complaints when we run out or Tom ,(who was against selling the pre-release in the first place), will give me his famous "I told you so" speech... ughh.

    Also for those of you with any masochistic tendencies. Tom has updated his blog with lots of gorgeous new greens that you cannot buy yet.
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