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    Necromancer Graphix, is having its first ever contest! this contest is a simple art contest. the 2 catagories are sci fi and fantasy. simply draw out a character and submit it it's that easy! now your prolly asking yourselfe. what's in it for me? well il'l tell ya. the winner of each catagory gets their sketch turned into a model and receives a free copy! these models will be the first minis Necromancer Graphix will ever produce, and you have the chance to be the creator of it! for full rules and all the information you need to know about the contest travel on over to then simply click the contest link on the nav bar.
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    1. THEKAPPTIN's Avatar
      Kick-ass idea for a contest. I\'ll have to enter. I\'ll have to find time to enter!

      And then I\'ll wish I could draw! lol
    1. Pill X's Avatar
      Pill X -
      Hey Wolf Fang,

      I left a question on your forums. I\'m hoping I can get my piece done in time. Been pretty busy lately. I was actually hoping to enter in both categories... -_-::

      -Edit: Never mind I saw the front page just now that the contest was cancelled. :/

      Well, here\'s what I have so far for the curious. Maybe someone\'ll be interested in turning it into a miniature anyway. Heh... :no:

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