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    The time has come for me to announce the third World of Minis Painting contest and it gives me great pleasure to also announce that we are being sponsored by Madpuppet miniatures who are supplying some great prizes.

    The theme is Mechanical Mayhem, so anything that has some sort of mechanical appendage or any types of machine or hybrid living/ mechanical parts are what you are looking at.
    There will be a first, second and third place to shot for also there will be an overall best prize as well as a prize for the most improved painter who enters.
    This will be decided by a voting system which will be opened once the closing date has been passed.

    To enter the contest you must be a member of the site and also reasonably active, that is to say that you should at least post in the forums occasionally.
    Entries must be a new work, built and painted by yourself, and images must not appear anywhere else on the net.
    Work in progress photos if you wish to post them are acceptable and you should if you wish to do so post them in the relevant forum.

    Any entries that are found to be in breach of these simple guidelines will be rejected.

    Conversions are most welcome and if we get enough converted entries I will offer a prize for the best one again this will be decided by a voting system.

    Voting will be done publically in the forums and it will be members only that are aloud to vote. Any final decisions or tie break situations will be decided by myself and my decision if necessary will be final.

    The contest will run from April 1st 2007 to May 31st 2007 this gives you plenty of time to come up with an entry. These dates will be adhered to so any late comers I am sorry but you will not be allowed to enter after the closing date (without much bribing lol)

    Once again I would like to thank Ergman and Madpuppet miniatures for sponsoring the contest and above anything else just have fun.

    So as the saying goes "Let The Contest Begin"
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