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    Hi people, We've added 10 new greens to our workbench for our new pirate range! These should be on sale for Salute 2007! Hope you like them!
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    1. Manus's Avatar
      Manus -
      You can view the page at
    1. tidoco2222's Avatar
      tidoco2222 -
      Cool stuff and I have just added them to my Salute shopping list.
    1. lono's Avatar
      lono -
      Wow! Wasn\'t expecting them to be quite as great as they are... Dang, they are severely tempting, I may have to actually buy some new minis for the first time in about five months.

      Edit - Oh crap, and I have to buy that Dylan and paint it up for my Dad\'s birthday now too. And I like Achilles. Oh man, actually there is loads of cool stuff. Good job I get paid for a big website launch at the end of this week!
    1. War Griffon's Avatar
      War Griffon -
      Pirates are very nice I especially like the guy with both pistols out stretched to the front very much a highway robber sort of pose

      Any more news on the bike??? Is this going to be available for Salute as well???
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