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  • AMotW: The Supervike Tribute feat.Egyptian Princess By Briggsy

    This week I've decided to recognize one amongst CMoN's widespread community, supervike. Last weekend supervike reached a landmark 10,000 posts, the most from any forum member on CoolMiniorNot's boards. Supervike is a dedicated moderator and regularly submits his own models to the gallery. It doesn't take a genius to see what this site means to him, which is why this week's showcase is a model chosen by supervike as his favourite figure submitted this week.

    And a good selection it is, I haven't seen anything quite like this before. At first glance, the whole scene looks as if it's been composed of 3-D miniatures and a scenic base, but it is actually a 'flat'. As far as my knowledge of flats goes, a flat is basically what you would get if you squashed a 3-D figure in a compactor and raised the more defined sections of the figure. Briggsy has created something exceptional with a particularly large and elaborate flat.

    The amount of depth that Briggsy has achieved with such accurately rendered shading accentuates every fold in the cloth, every tendon, every motion... essentially all of the details! In some areas, however, too much shading and highlighting looks unrealistic. This is evident on the two lions, where the outlines of the ribs are very clearly visible and the muscles appear to be badly proportioned (this may be attributed to the sculpt). Besides the apparent enormity of the muscles, this also defies the fact that lions have fur. The muscles simply would not be that defined in life, though it is more appropriate in this style of painting, which seems to be teetering in between cartoony and realistic.

    The technicality of the piece is astonishing, the blending is very strong, and complements the bold layering. The princess has some of the best skin tones that I have seen in a long time. Better yet, are the princess' jewelry, and facial features. The eyes have been picked out impeccably and the translucent cloth (wherein there is the best part of the model, in my mind, some very fine freehand of her other leg). I don't think that I can honestly separate what has been painted freely and what is part of the miniature.

    It is such an individual model, not just because of the sculpt, but how Briggsy embraced the sculpt, with freehand, and a skill to bring out every nook and cranny.

    AMotW: (The Supervike Tribute) Egyptian Princess by Briggsy receives 9.1/10.

    Thank you, Briggsy, for revealing a whole new world of miniatures to me, and thank you to supervike for years of moderation and congratulations for your 10,000 posts, I look foward to your next 10,000.

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    1. Briggsy's Avatar
      Briggsy -
      You can view the page at
    1. ToXey's Avatar
      ToXey -
      is it not called a \"relief\"?
      Such as the one of William Shakespeare in London.
    1. Briggsy's Avatar
      Briggsy -
      Properly they are called zinnfiguren, which roughly translated means tin figure. Originally German they have found a growing popularity in the historical miniture fraternity. Commonly they are known as flats, a good place to see more would be, though there are a lot of round historical figures on there as well. They are about 3mm thick with an engraved in low relief surface, back and front in most cases. Traditionally they are in 30mm and are used en masse to make dioramas of battles etc, I have seen some in Germany with 30,000 individual figures, pretty impressive. Anyway history lesson over they are great fun, well that\'s my opinion and I\'m sticking with it.

    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      I\'m a bit embarrassed to be associated with this...Don\'t get me wrong, it was way cool getting to choose a Mini-of-the-week...but all I did was talk alot....This guy actually painted a fantastic looking flat! One of the best I\'ve seen!
    1. AinuLainour's Avatar
      AinuLainour -
      Now you tell me :bouncy: If it helps, you\'re associated because you were given choice of this weeks mini. Nothing to be embarassed about, the articles honouring both of you!
    1. AinuLainour's Avatar
      AinuLainour -
      I\'m leaving tomorrow and won\'t be back for longer than about 10 hours on Sunday night (2 back-to-back school trips ) so I wont have an AMoTW until the next Saturday. The last few months of school get insanely busy, so I apologize once more.
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      Originally posted by AinuLainour
      Now you tell me :bouncy: If it helps, you\'re associated because you were given choice of this weeks mini. Nothing to be embarassed about, the articles honouring both of you!
      Ah..thats my point....Like I said, It is really fun to choose the mini of the week...but I don\'t think I merit \'honoring\'....

      But, as long as it gets some attention to Briggsy...I\'m all for it!

      Well done, as always Ainu.
    1. Briggsy's Avatar
      Briggsy -
      For me it\'s not about attention it is about painting, I just enjoy it end of story. The flat has not even been mounted, in fact none of the ones I submitted have, I\'d rather spend the time painting . It\'s just good that people can see them and enjoy them, although if I end up going to Euro I might frame her and enter the comps.

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