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  • Black Scorpion painting competition!

    If you would like a chance to win a gold, silver or bronze resin chef (pictured) £100 in cash and other prizes then this is the painting competition for you! For full details go to May the best painter win!
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    1. Ebonbuddha's Avatar
      Ebonbuddha -
      Insert Ebonbuddha\'s rant about on line contest and only peole who use NMM will win.

      Sounds like fun though.
    1. mirlo101's Avatar
      mirlo101 -
      There\'s no preference towards any style. But you\'ll notice there are no NMM on the Black Scorpion site. Any style can be done well or badly.
    1. tidoco2222's Avatar
      tidoco2222 -
      I have a few BS minis around the place somewhere, I may give this a go.
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