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  • Vincent Hudon Seminar Toronto, Sept 1-3

    Have you ever stared at a miniature and wondered how those fancier techniques and effects are done? Have you been seeking to take your painting to the next level? Here is your opportunity to learn first hand from a multiple Slayer Sword winner how it’s all done. Vincent Hudon (Silphid on will be teaching a 3 day painting seminar in Toronto, Canada, on September 1, 2 & 3 where you will get to see first hand how he achieves his results.

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    1. StarFyre's Avatar
      StarFyre -
      I PM\'ed you some more details...
    1. Silphid's Avatar
      Silphid -
      Hi guys!

      I\'m very excited about the whole affair, I look forward to meet and exchange with some of you!

      Price range will be between 100 and 110$ (can) which will get you 3 days of intense learning, the miniature to paint, misc. supplies, etc, all you need is you brush and paints. I guarantee you won\'t look at painting miniatures the same way again.

      5 Spots are remaining, book yours before it\'s gone!
    1. StarFyre's Avatar
      StarFyre -
      make that 3 spots
    1. Silphid's Avatar
      Silphid -

      lol Alrighty then, they\'re booking fast!
    1. Arma's Avatar
      Arma -
      Sigh living in Japan does have it\'s downfalls...
    1. Silphid's Avatar
      Silphid -
      Organize a room and gather a dozen people in Japan, and I\'ll be happy to make the trip!:idea:
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      Vincent, I\'ve been trying to get a hold of you regarding authoring some content on commission, please get in touch via pm.
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