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    After some account problems concerning access to submissions in the gallery, here is this week's top mini, "Mortimer, the Grave Digger" painted by Ritual and created by Wyrd Miniatures (

    Choosing Mortimer to feature wasn't a hard decision, whether you're seeing it for the first time or when it was first posted by Ritual, it’s a figure that draws the browser’s eyes to the page and keeps them there. Some of the more difficult aspects in miniature painting have been made to look easy when seeing Ritual's "Mortimer". The face is a bright focal point and the bulbous red nose and raised shovel could imply a state of intoxication, which, in miniatures, is usually achieved only through dodgy sleeping dwarfs and bar wenches. Speaking of the face, the mass of colour contrast doesn't obscure the open eye. In any respect, this alone is commendable!

    That said the rest of the miniature is painted just as well. Observe how the pants are black, but so is the jacket - even though the colours for the jacket and pants were likely similar, maybe even identical, the two articles of clothing are so different. My point being that there are two different styles of painting black on one figure! Usually there will be only one style of a particular colour on a figure, so that further separates Mortimer from your average CMON submission.

    The shovel is excellent, from the blood splatters, to the wood and NMM with super-fine notches, no doubt acquired while beating down those damn zombies. The only part that falls short of expectations is the lower steel by the "proper" handle. I suppose it may look authentic from another angle, but as with all NMM, it doesn't work perfectly with 3D surfaces.

    Skin-tones are another tough aspect in miniatures, and though Ritual has done a fine job. Sadly, there is far less definition on the exposed portion of the lower belly and hands. The belly and hands, despite my criticism, are very well painted, but look as if they could be on a completely different miniature. The facial skin-tone is simply a mile apart from the other skin-tones, even though both are painted to high standards.

    The basing is simple, and works well for a miniature used for box-art, if I’m not mistaken. Although, if it were painted up for a competition, it could be certainly be more elaborate (there’s a lot of potential with a sculpt such as this one!). So, all-in-all, Ritual’s “Mortimer, the Gravedigger” is a fantastic miniature filled with character, and one of my favourite CMON miniatures to be submitted as of yet in 2007.

    Mortimer, the Gravedigger By Ritual receives 9.2/10.

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    1. Ritual's Avatar
      Ritual -
      You can view the page at
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      Yup, I agree...Ainu really gives some serious insight to the minis he reviews.

      Well done on the report, and well done on the mini!
    1. AinuLainour's Avatar
      AinuLainour -
      Thanks very much guys It\'s always good to see that my critique is more or less, accurate :bouncy: I should mention that, despite looking at the miniature for hours, I am still not bored of it. Great work.. I think you\'ve convinced me to buy the miniature.
    1. Ritual's Avatar
      Ritual -
      Originally posted by AinuLainour
      I think you\'ve convinced me to buy the miniature.
      That\'s what Nathan pays me to do! :twisted:
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