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  • AMoTW: Chaos Terminator Silver GDLA 07 by Tagron

    Here we are in the heart of GD season, with coverage flowing steadily in from GD Germany

    Tagron has always been one of the top miniature painters at GD LA, and now, with his Chaos Terminator, it’s safe to say that he’s one of the top miniature painters in the US. Tagron’s Chaos Terminator, a very heavy conversion of a Forgeworld model, exemplifies the qualities of a Golden Demon winner: Incredibly detailed freehand, an extensive conversion, true ambiance from the killer combination of the base and miniature, and, of course, a whole lotta stunning painting.

    In Warhammer 40k, Chaos can be painted with every colour from the spectrum, and still be in accordance with the fluff. Here, Tagron restricted himself to very few colours, so, despite some red and green, there’s just grey, black and white. Black is notoriously difficult to highlight convincingly, however Tagron’s executed it beautifully. It hasn’t passed unnoticed that last week’s feature (Ritual’s “Mortimer”) has similar use of black, where it is softer in one area, and sharper in another to represent different materials and textures.

    Speaking of different materials, the only way that I am sure Tagron is painting in NMM is from a close-up shot. NMM like this can only be contested with metallics of the same caliber. Using either method, it will still take a ridiculous amount of talent and practice to achieve results that come close to Tagron’s. To see just what I’m referring to, take a look at the bottom-left picture.

    Techincally, the miniature is painted to very high standards (in my opinion, 9.6-9.8), unless blending is brought into the picture. The blending is the only stand-out fault that I can find on the whole miniature. The sickly-green flesh tone, brilliant, the red light above the Terminator’s chest, is truly authentic right down to the central “beam” of light. This goes for the freehand on the wall and the massive contrast best visible from the top of the ruined wall. These details, and nearly the whole miniature, have been meticulously rendered save for the blending, which seems to be painted to a far lower standard (if the close-ups are accurate portrayals of the figure’s actual appearance). If Tagron can improve on his blending, I don’t doubt he will have much difficulty winning the sword.

    Thanks for being so prompt in submitting your Terminator to CMoN, Tagron, you know how eager we are for such spectactular miniatures right after a Games Day (who am I kidding? ANY time of the year is perfect!). Congratulations on your silver demon, it was certainly well-deserved.

    Chaos Terminator Silver GDLA 07 by Tagron receives 9.7/10.

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