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    "Never bring a sword to a gun fight ..."

    Viktoria would remember those words for as long as she lived, and if her mind failed, the scars, slight loss of mobility in her left arm and shoulder and the deep pains associated with movement would remind her vividly.

    It was almost a year ago now when she took a wetwork contract on a group of Witch Hunters which had been making nuisances of themselves, spouting their violent dogma and making the mistake of killing the granddaughter of a prominent guild official while hunting a Witch in league with a Neverborn.

    She found them easily enough. Most of them died without ever knowing she was there, but something must have alerted them as she soon found herself in a brutal hand to hand with one of the Seekers. He was good but she was better, but before she could deliver a killing blow another Seeker emerged from the building and shot her point blank, nearly tearing her arm off and shredding her side with pellet and buckshot. She must have looked dead, was close enough too it if truth be told, but before she passed out she heard him chuckle and utter those very words.

    She had always been a fast learner and she had to admit it certainly did have a certain appeal, though it lacked subtlety. From the surprised look on the mans face who had taught her such a wicked lesson before she blew it off, it had been very much worth it.

    Messy though ...

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