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  • Works Of Heart Final Auctions Up On Ebay

    These few miniatures are the final ebay sales for Works Of Heart Project ... after this we are no longer accepting miniatures for auction.

    If you have a miniature we sent you that did not get to us returned you are on the honor system to auction it someday yourself...for your choice of charitable causes.

    95% of the proceeds of this sale will be donated to UNICEF International Emergency Fund, the 5% balance will cover fees and postage.

    Thanks to all of you that took part or supported with purchasing the miniatures, donating miniatures, sponsoring painters and the painters themselves.
    It has been our families pleasure to be involved.
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    1. airhead's Avatar
      airhead -
      You can view the page at
    1. TAB Studio's Avatar
      TAB Studio -
      Yea there are some bids going on there!
    1. darthfoley's Avatar
      darthfoley -
      I\'m winning the Kage Dar atm. Quite certain I\'ll be outbid on it, though.
    1. airhead's Avatar
      airhead -
      OK, I am ahead in way too many bids here. Someone get off their duff and out bid me.
    1. Roger Bunting's Avatar
      Roger Bunting -
      Okay, I\'ve bid on three of them, but I was out outbid on two.
    1. airhead's Avatar
      airhead -
      The wood elf command unit is worth what I\'ve bid for each of the 3 minis instead of for the whole lot.
    1. wiccanpony's Avatar
      wiccanpony -
      :cussing::cussing::cussing: \"curse you Red Baron!!!!!\" and you know whom I’m talking to:P
    1. airhead's Avatar
      airhead -
      I\'ve thankfully been bested in all my bids (at least till I talk to \"She who must not be disobeyed\")
    1. matty1001's Avatar
      matty1001 -
      Ogrebane\'s name is Aris Tottle?

      Was he not the Greek fellow, student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great IIRC?

      Cool name if it is!
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