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    DAG1039 Forsaken Dethstryke - USD $6.99

    This miniature comes complete with two separate heads, so you can decide which look is best for your Saint John force.

    Formerly a Coil in Saint Mark's ranks, Dethstryke harbors a dark secret that resulted in a change not only in deployment, but provoked his advance through the ranks. Dethstryke is a unique Banger character, with skills above those of even other Bangers.

    DAG4014 Brood Numbskull - USD $24.99

    Affectionately named Numbskull by the Brood Mere, this breed is one of her greatest recent successes. Conceived as a living tank, the Numbskull has chitinous shells covering most of it's body with enhanced metabolism and musculature to compensate. With this natural armor came an unexpected benefit in the form of a massive bio-electric build-up that could be stored in the fists, to be discharged with devastating effect. The drawback to all these enhancements though, was a diminished mental capacity.
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