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    As a new feature for collectors we have started a new series of miniatures. Every new Masquerade Miniature will be prereleased as a Limited Edition Resin-Cast. There will only be 11 copies of each new miniature. The start is made by the new Padre Gecko Miniature, sculpted by the talented new sculptor Mike Winkler... If you are a collector of really rear items than go to and get your limited miniature now. This miniature will also be commonly available in metal.

    Stefan Niehues - Masquerade Miniatures
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    1. cfwheeler58's Avatar
      cfwheeler58 -
      You can view the page at
    1. cfwheeler58's Avatar
      cfwheeler58 - I\'m the idiot that missed the last part about being commonly available in metal.
      Maybe I\'m not collecting \"rear\" items because I am one

      Having said that, I have done a few Ilyad and I really like working in resin at this scale.
      I still think more than 11 would be great...

      Sorry for the 2x post.

    1. mattrock's Avatar
      mattrock -
      Freudian slip much? I think yes.

    1. matty1001's Avatar
      matty1001 -
      I was going to order, even choosing to ignore the €10 shipping.

      Then I noticed you take cheque.
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