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    The Lizardman Lord is now shipping and ready to lay waste to the invaders of his jungle home. This miniature stands 54mm to the top of the head and is about 20% larger than the lizardman warriors, which makes sense since he is their leader and just a big bad lizard. Also shipping is the Witch Queen. To see some more photos, check out the Dragonblood miniatures site.
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    Painting 15mm Imperial Romans step by step

    Welcome to Painting 15mm Imperial Romans tutorial. Here I will present to you a Step-by-step of an easy and fast painting process for 15mm scale Imperial Romans by Grenzer Games as can be seen in this gallery.

    Before we start, some notes:

    * You can visit original article at
    * This tutorial does not require airbrush.
    * You can use any paints, not just the ones I recommend. You can use this chart to compare paints between different brands.
    * Please note all pictures present a huge... read more
    Scarhandpainting 03-15-2021, 07:00 PM

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