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    Hello to everybody,

    I´m glad to show you the last bunch of new releases from Tale Of War. As they have been doing for the last months, present a new TALE REVISION.

    And of course, two more releases from FOTOGRAMAS serie. Dilios and demon barber.
    I hope you will have them all available in CMON shop soon ;-)
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    1. COG's Avatar
      COG -
      You can view the page at
    1. Deucalion's Avatar
      Deucalion -
      COG--> CMON´s shop will receive a restock of all our miniatures shortly.
      We have also an online store in our official web page. However I strongly feel that your order would arrive faster from USA to USA (CMON SHOP) than SPAIN to USA (WWW.TALEOFWAR.COM) haha
      best wishes!!
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