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    ------ Modeling Time news ------

    i've just added a new base on the shop take a look and tell me what do you think!
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    1. julien.casses's Avatar
      julien.casses -
      And for zero money you can also walk on the street and find some rocks like

      No more seriously.
      I can understand the cast sof ome base with a little bit of skulls or magma, or something that all people don\'t have or d\'ont know to made... but stones... YOU HAVE IT EVERYWHERE !!!
      Cannot understand why people should pay for this, by searching by their own in streets or in their garden, they\'ll find stones with a more apropriate size, form, texture etc...

      I don\'t want to be hard but honestly this is a but too much for me, hope that you understand my point of view. :]

    1. tidoco2222's Avatar
      tidoco2222 -
      I\'ve got to agree with Julien mate, I am a painter that tends to use resin cast bases exclusively these days as I find it alot easier than to try and create one myself but I think I would sooner go out into the back yard and find stones myself than go and buy them. Still you never know you may get some people buying them.
    1. No Such Agency's Avatar
      No Such Agency -
      To get the flat top and bottom on \"rocks\" like these, cast a tray of plaster 1/2\" deep and break it up. Sorry, but julien pretty much said it. They look good but the only real advantage over rocks from the park is that you can drill these out for pinning (which actually might be a legitimate selling point).
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      I think they make sense to sell.

      Resin is easier to use than stone, weighs less and has the convenience of looking exactly what I\'d want it to.
    1. Dragon Forge Design's Avatar
      Dragon Forge Design -
      I agree with Julien, its incomplete.. it needs more to be finished. smaller rocks and gravel, maybe some skulls or a broken sword or shield.. right now its just a rock glued to the top of a bases.

      Casting rocky bases in resin makes sense as its lighter weight and it does allow you the option of drilling and pinning. But it needs more than this.
    1. simmons's Avatar
      simmons -
      too many point of view...all understandable..
      i could say.....a real stone is much better than a cast.....but it\'s heavy and you have to take it as the nature created it...i\'m a geologist, i \"play\" with rocks every day and i think that the real one are better to hold a paper on a desk...but not for every miniatures..... i did it this little rock without any partciuar because all the people loves to customize the bases. so you could take the \"basic\" base i\'ve done and add something else.. all the other bases are great!!! but they are all the same.....yes you can personalize them...but they are already finished and created with a pre-preject.
      i didn\'t want to do spectacular base (i don\'t even know if i could) .....i \'ve done a base...if you like you can take it.....stop.
      no more..
    1. Queen of Credits's Avatar
      Queen of Credits -
      I like the bases. They offer a good starting point. Some additional bitz and scenic doo-dah will individualize each use. And lighter than real rock. Innovative product.
    1. Scibor's Avatar
      Scibor -
      Resin rocks are not bad idea - Real rock is heavy. Real stone is also big problem if You like drill it.
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