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  • New Release: Zombie Cheerleader and Orbus; Art Contest Update

    We are pleased to announce the next two releases in the Mini-Sculpt line. This line will continue to grow due to the participation by our awesome sculptors. This allows us to bring figs to the market at a reasonable cost. And in this economy, it is important to save where you can. Quality figs at an affordable price has always been our goal. Thanks to the great community that is supporting Black Orc Games and the committment from our sculptors we are able to achieve this goal.

    Today we are releasing another fig from the Zombie horde from Darren Greenaway and Orbus (the keeper of the Orb) from Xennos.
    We have now 14 figs available from the Mini-Sculpt line, released over the last 4 months and the next 3 months look very promissing. Thanks to the community we will be increasing the release schedule as the greens keeps coming in. If you are interested in participating in the Mini-Sculpt program don't hesitate to contact us, or check our where sculptors are talking about their coming work.

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