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    This last week of july arrives with a lot of news and surprises. As we have been advising for the last couple of weeks, TALE of WAR will start to promote and release miniatures for the new Spanish role game ROLEAGE.

    This game has a lot of new and fresh ideas, histories and background to play with. Our first bunch of 4 releases of this surprising and enjoyable game are suitable for the world of Geos, where this role game is being developed. As well, all those products have their own rules that are include in the blister.

    Hope to be able to offer at the end of this month, beginning of the next one, a printable file to download from our site of this game´s rules for tabletop gaming.

    You have also rule cards and more photos in my blog:

    Hope you will enjoy this last bunch of new releases and, of course, do not hesitate to contact us telling what do you think about this new tandem between TALEOFWAR and ROLEAGE.
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