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  • New Release: Monster w/hand; ProCreate Professional Sculptors Putty

    Many thanks to our sculpting community.

    Thanks to you, we are continuing to release figs on a very consistent
    and aggressive schedule. This week will see the birth of our 26th fig
    all of them released in the last 5 months. All these figs are priced at
    $1 and are situated in our Bulk/MiniSculpt section which now counts 41
    items priced at or close to $1.

    The new release this week will be Monster w/hand a dungeon creature by
    Juan Montano, also released this week,
    ProCreate Sculpting Putty

    If you are a sculptor (or know a sculptor) that is willing to expose his
    work and earn his reward based on how his product will sell, we are
    willing to produce the part.

    If you have ideas, or even sketches, of what you would like to see
    produced, several sculptors are already part of our forum ready to
    listen to your needs. They are also showing their current work and
    progress on the figs that will soon be released.

    Just a reminder to get your entries into the current art contest.
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