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    Who wants a contest?

    Louder...LOUDER...I want to hear you howl for a contest.

    Alright, so I don't really want to hear you howl..but you will. Here he is, in all his 'greenstuff' glory. The long-awaited and much-anticipated Howler! Based directly off the original Brom art and measuring almost 80mm to his -err- hump, Howler is one of the largest beasties in the Dark Age line to date!

    The Contest:
    Below you will see an image of the Howler green and our first impression was that he had something interesting to say. So, we want to know what YOU think Howler has to say. Give us your best suggestion as to what he should be saying. You can send your suggestion via email to or in the "Howler Caption" thread in the Dark Age forum. The winner will get one of the first Howler miniatures off the line and Howler's unit card.

    The Deadline:
    Get your submissions in before 31-October-2008 to have your caption considered.
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