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  • New release - Fat santa / Christmas sales blowout - Warband starter

    The new release for this week will be Fat Santa sculpted by Mario Zecca
    and as Santa always comes with presents, during the month of December
    Black Orc will run a special promotion on the Warband starter set.

    This set contains 10 nicely carved pewter figs, paint, paint brush and
    dice (as well as an old set of rules, the new ones are available on

    Whether you are already collecting pewter mini, new to the gaming world,
    young or old, this set will bring you hours of entertainment right out
    of the box.

    All this will now, and during the month of December only, be offered at
    an incredible price of $12.5 (58% discount). Do not miss out on this opportunity!\

    Fat Santa is our 40th release this year and part of our MiniSculpt line.
    This makes 60 products for as low as $1, plenty to choose from for your
    Christmas presents.

    For those who do not know what MiniSculpt is. We started the community
    back in April of this year. The concept is very simple, you can contact
    us to see the possibilities to transform your green sculpt into real
    metal fig. If we accept and produce the fig, you will earn royalties
    based on how well the fig sells. Very simple, let the customers be the

    Look for the next Art Contest to be posted at the first of the year.

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