• Iron Painter 6 at Wyrd

    Iron Painter 6 Sign up!

    Want a contest that will really test your metal?

    Try Iron Painter....not for the weak.

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    1. Elly3438's Avatar
      Elly3438 -
      I\'m tempted to try and enter... but I have a couple questions~

      When does it start? and... what do you mean by \"themes?\" I\'m a little confused as to what that means~
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      It \'starts\' Jan 23.

      Basically the theme is a randomly chosen (by me) idea that the painters try to incorporate into their work.

      It may be an overall idea, just as \'Paint it Black\', or an actual painting technique \"Metallic\".

      The idea is that the artist interprets the theme the way they want to for their piece, but ultimately 25% of their score is determined by it.

      Check out the Wyrd site for much more detailed info. Especially the Iron Painter gallery.

    1. krom1415's Avatar
      krom1415 -
      I\'m in, for my sins
    1. waghorn41's Avatar
      waghorn41 -
      Oh well, it\'s all good fun. I\'m in - again.
    1. Baz's Avatar
      Baz -
      I\'m in!
    1. Baz's Avatar
      Baz -
      Just so everyone knows the pairings for the first round have been set here -IRON PAINTER VI
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