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  • New Release: Hill Mutant; Feb 2009 Art Contest Announced

    How the contest works!
    Listed below are the subjects for the contest. There is a list of single characters from our MiniSculp line of figs. Entries for the single character subjects should feature the artist's interpretation of the specific character. There are no requirements as far as pose, environment or equipment.
    When you are ready to submit your entry click on the Submit Artwork link for the appropriate subject. Your submission may not appear immediately as there is an approval process.
    Please feel free to submit as many entries as you wish. Submit multiple entries for multiple subjects or multiple entries for the same subject. There are no limitations for the number of submissions per contest. All submissions are welcome. Black and white sketches or color artwork are accepted.
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    1. Infidel Castro's Avatar
      Infidel Castro -
      You can view the page at
    1. alextheartist's Avatar
      alextheartist -
      The paintjob is shocking to say the least too!

      And they somehow seem to be on -3 posts??
    1. Infidel Castro's Avatar
      Infidel Castro -
      That is a talent in itself lol
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