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    Greetings all! Ever fancied a hobby related tee made especially for painters and modellers?
    Well now you can get them from the Sheffield Irregulars t-shirt store.

    All these designs and MORE! New designs added all the time. Printed in the UK, so delivery is easy. Store items at base price - no commission added! Styles for guys and gals.

    And even better 15% discount between Feb 20th and March 1st on colour designs (not just black and white) with the code BABYBLOOM
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    1. No Such Agency's Avatar
      No Such Agency -
      You can view the page at
    1. boristfrog's Avatar
      boristfrog -
      Dude I don\'t make the prices and I\'ve not added any profit for myself/painting group on either.
      There are cheaper tees, but the material is thinner, so the results won\'t be as good.

      The font is Swiss btw. lol

      But if you want me to make you a custom one with a photo of your mini on it - no problem, and it won\'t cost any extra!
    1. No Such Agency's Avatar
      No Such Agency -
      LOL that\'s the entrepreneurial spirit! And probably the answer that\'ll sell more t-shirts...
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