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  • Mid April Releases from Armorcast

    Armorcast LLC now carries a selection of Olley's Armies. We have started out with Dwarf Pirates, Dwarf World and Cyberclaw Scrunts. Also new are more Bases, Cityscape and Graveyard products.

    Olley's Armies

    OAA003 Pewterware Plates and Tankards
    OAA004 Candle Holders and Candles
    OACS004 Shock Troop Scrunt Dog Handler (featuring Skeeter the Da
    OAINQ005 Scrunt Inquisitor Clean Up Crew
    OADW001 Dwarf World Town Folk 1 OADW002 Dwarf World Tavern Folk
    OADW003 Dwarf World Town Folk 2
    OADW004 Dwarf World Shoppers with resin boxes of produce (2)
    OADW005 2 seated drinkers and 2 bench seats
    OADW006 4 Tavern Folk with Table
    OASP001 Scrunt Pirates (5)


    ACCS015 Traffic Cones (8pcs)


    ACGV008 Tall Headstones (6pcs)

    SLB004 50mm Round Lava Display Base
    GFB007 Five 20mm Square Wooden Plank Bases
    GFB008 40mm Square rock outcropping Bases (3pcs)
    GFB009 Ten 20mm Square Rock Outcropping Bases
    1911) 25mm Round Ruined Mosaic Tile Floor Bases
    (1912) 25mm Round Ruined Brick & Concrete Base
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