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    Well at long last the third release of fantasy figures from Red Box Games are now availible for pre order. The figures are tentatively scheduled to ship on the 25th. This date is subject to change but probably will not. All figures are cast in high quality white metal and are scaedl to fit with the current 32 mm scale ranges.

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    1. Mr Scream's Avatar
      Mr Scream -
      Wow I really like these sculpts, they fall somewhere between degra and Rackham and look sufficiently chunky and characterful for my liking. I will most likely pick up Njorn when I get the chance.
    1. olliekickflip's Avatar
      olliekickflip -
      Damn dude!!! You friggin rock!! I especially love the third one. So much character!!!:flip:
    1. TreManor's Avatar
      TreManor -

      Thanks Guys. Oi Aaron! I had been meaning to email you. Just been REALLY busy lately.
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