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    It came from... Out of the Basement! I'm happy to announce our gaming club's first tournament. We are putting on a huge tourney this summer at the University of Alberta, here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. July 11 & 12 we will be hosting up to 50 players each for Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy gaming action. That's right, we're preparing 50 tables' worth of scenery to host 100 gamers for one kickass weekend!

    The details:
    -6 games (3 Saturday and 3 Sunday)
    -2250 points for Fantasy, 1850 points for 40k
    -Pizza lunch included on Saturday
    -Free event t-shirt included in the tournament ticket price (if you register before June 1st. Extra shirts should be available for purchase at the event, for those who don't register early!)
    -Hefty prize budget
    -One of the bars on campus reserved for our private enjoyment (hopefully including UFC100 on the big screens!!)
    -All for just $50! We've crammed everything we can think of into this package, and used every sneaky maneuver we could think of to keep the tickets as cheap as possible. We're here to put on a fantastic event, not line our own pockets.

    Also please note that this is a charity event as well. We are accepting donations for the Food Bank, and the most generous donations for both 40k and Fantasy will award the generals with bonus points towards Best Overall rankings.

    For more information on this event, please check out Out of the Basement Gaming or email questions/registration info to . Remember to sign up by June 1st (that means Monday!) to get your free event t-shirt!
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    1. Dragonsreach's Avatar
      Dragonsreach -
      You can view the page at
    1. Jericho's Avatar
      Jericho -
      Well if you\'re in town any time soon (or not so soon, either way!) we\'d love to have you out Mike. We\'ve got a pretty solid club going and I think we\'re going to be able to do some pretty cool things in the future as well.
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