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    Tomb Raider Dwarf 5

    There is another one Tomb raider ready for sale: Elftomb Breaker
    My site is not working as good as i want, so you may contact me via e mail.
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    1. lizcam's Avatar
      lizcam -
      You can view the page at
    1. In Chigh P.I.'s Avatar
      In Chigh P.I. -
      Clicked the link thinking i would see something \'Angelina Jolie-big boobed related\'

      ...then i noticed the dwarf bit......


      Joking aside, thats bloody awesome! Im guessing its 54mm scale?
    1. Dragonsreach's Avatar
      Dragonsreach -
      Originally posted by lizcam
      What scale is it in and how much?
      Looked them up, most of the others in that group are 120mm and 100 USD.
      Very tasty and very tempting.
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