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  • Last call for 40k/Fantasy Tournament!

    Hey everyone, first off I'd like to thank everyone who has helped organize or has already registered for our club's inaugural tournament. So far we have had a strong response from many gamers and our boys and girls have stepped up in producing a mountain of high quality gaming scenery. We are just 2 weeks away from the big weekend (July 11&12) and we still have some spots available for players. Fantasy has a decent number of spots available for last-minute registrants, and 40k is almost completely sold out. If you are planning to attend, don't hesitate because we could be sold out in the next few days!!For the details:
    -July 11&12, 2009
    -University of Alberta campus, here in Edmonton Alberta
    -$50 entry fee gets you 6 games, an event t-shirt, pizza lunch on Saturday, access to the bar we have reserved Saturday night for gamers only, and of course a chance at winning some cool trophies
    -More info is available at our club's website, and registration info is posted up there as well. Please get your info and payment in ASAP so we don't have to get everything done in a panic on the day of the event!Also note that we are taking donations for the Food Bank, and the most generous donations from both the 40k and Fantasy sides will earn the players a points boost in the Best Overall standings.Thanks for your support, all of us at Out of the Basement Gaming are thrilled to be hosting this event and we couldn't have done it without the gaming community. A final shout out to the guys and girls coming from Calgary and Prince George, BC, it's great to see so many people making the trip out here! See you in July!
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    1. Jericho's Avatar
      Jericho -
      You can view the page at!
    1. ScottRadom's Avatar
      ScottRadom -
      Wish I could come out for this. Edmonton is such an easy drive and I got a place to stay and loads of buddies there..... damn. Just poor time of year for me.

      Let me know if Kieran Dunleavy shows his mug around there!

      Good luck!
    1. Jericho's Avatar
      Jericho -
      Sorry you can\'t make it Scott! I\'ll keep an eye out for Kieran tho, it would help if I knew what he looked like

      <edit> A quick facebook search yields a photo of a big guy in a pink shirt, who has gamer friends in Calgary. lol </edit>
    1. ScottRadom's Avatar
      ScottRadom -
      That\'s the man. Bald as hell. Used to manage a GW store in Calgary, worked for GW in the UK and head office in TO for several years. We had good times last we got together in Edmonton, and I myself lived just off white ave and 99th st. for a couple expensive and vague years.

      He\'s a great painter, great guy. He helps make any tourny better. The kind of guy you hope shows up for sure.
    1. emopainterguy's Avatar
      emopainterguy -
      Kieran is a super nice guy, used to be my GW contact when I worked at an independent retailer. Never did meet him in person though...

      I won\'t be able to make it. I\'ll be in Ottawa untill August now. Next tourney for sure though.
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