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  • New Eolith Preorder - 54mm Lady Grigoryan

    Latest Eolith 54mm release is now up for pre-order. She's Lady Grigoryan: Vampire Hunter. 52mm to the top of her head and cast in three pieces of high quality resin.
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    1. SJB's Avatar
      SJB -
      You can view the page at
    1. Dragonsreach's Avatar
      Dragonsreach -
      Originally posted by SJB
      And I should like to apologise for linking a pic that\'s too wide and screwing up the front page...
      Don\'t sweat it.
      She\'s a beaut.
    1. james sequeira's Avatar
      james sequeira -
      Yup very nice, the little detailing is super.
    1. Ian Newbold's Avatar
      Ian Newbold -
      She\'s absolutely tremendous!
    1. mickc22's Avatar
      mickc22 -
      sweet sculpt Steve!
    1. starspawn's Avatar
      starspawn -
      Gorgeous figure! Another terrific sculpt... i just wish that there were more Eolith female figs in the smaller scale! i would buy them all.
    1. Gearhead's Avatar
      Gearhead -
    1. omgitsduane's Avatar
      omgitsduane -
      first thing I noticed was the chaos space marine sword.
    1. Margo's Avatar
      Margo -
      This is such an amazing mini -- and thank you so much for it, Steve! Really is a motivation to dust off those brushes and paints!!!

      All the best,
      Lady Grigoryan
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