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  • Kingdom Death Online Store is Public!

    Store is finally public!
    The people on the mailing list did some good damage tho, we only have 52 of the 100 mini's left in stock!

    Here is a photo of the first run collectors edition package.

    The vellum overlay is numbered and signed "-poots"... not that anyone cares about that part, but perhaps one day!

    If this interests you, make sure to sign up for the mailing list on our site, they get all news and product availability first!
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    1. Amazon warrior's Avatar
      Amazon warrior -
      You can view the page at!
    1. kingdomdeath's Avatar
      kingdomdeath -
      Only 14 left! Damn that was fast!
    1. darkartminiatures's Avatar
      darkartminiatures -
      Cool looking stuff! All the best for the future
    1. kingdomdeath's Avatar
      kingdomdeath -
      Thank you so much! It\'s all just one little step at a time.
      Only 9 left! Wow! The power of female mini\'s!
    1. kingdomdeath's Avatar
      kingdomdeath -
      So sorry everyone!

      We are already sold out! I am floored and shocked by this turn of events.

      I need to put my brain back into my head and regroup!

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