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  • Tale Of War - September 09

    Hi guys!!,

    Here you have the september´s new releases from Tale of War.

    A new character for the Tale Revision´s serie. We have worked again with the talented french artist Edouard Guiton for design of the couple. Here you have the naughty brothers Hansel y Gretel.

    Now it´s the time of the voodoo magic. For Gangan´s rules we have worked with Kévin Schaller y Alejandro Pérez de Luque winners of the may voodoo contest.

    He has spent a lot of time in the Doctor house cause of his big arthritis , but now he is ready for a new adventure,
    Hueson Smith has return.

    Hope you like them, see you the next month!!.
    TOW team.

    Full sized images in the comments link.
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