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  • Kingdom Death Website Update + Man-Hunter Preview

    We have posted two new items to our website.

    - Man-Hunter
    Info, concept art and photos of the miniature sculpted by Juan Navarro Perez

    - Holy Lands
    A little info and art for the first major location for the board game!

    The first run collectors edition will be available sometime in the next two weeks.
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    1. A Luna's Avatar
      A Luna -
      Amazing again. I\'ll order again something from you when you have some more miniatures so I don\'t have to pay that much shipping cost.

      Still waiting for my earlier order to come in though
    1. kingdomdeath's Avatar
      kingdomdeath -
      Some people were requesting size comparison photos, so here they are!

      @A Luna, I am sorry Luna I hope it arrives soon! This time around we won\'t have any shipping delays. So everything will go out a day or two after the order comes in.
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