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  • Steampunk conversion competition

    Irregular Magazine (issue 2) is running a steam-punk conversion competition.
    Deadline: Nov 30th

    Submit a single photo (montage would be great!) of your unpainted conversion model to

    Nigel Carman - aka Talonicus will be judging the entries in early December.
    The winner will receive an online voucher to spend at Wyrd Miniatures store.

    Full details of entry can be found on page 65 of Irregular Magazine issue 2/autumn 09

    *Entry can be any scale and manufacturer.
    *Sculpting is allowed - but should be less than 40% of the model
    *Remember the theme is steampunk
    *Entry photographs may be included in issue 3 of irregular magazine (300dpi is preferred)
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    1. Dragonsreach's Avatar
      Dragonsreach -
      You can view the page at
    1. boristfrog's Avatar
      boristfrog -
      Cheers Mike.
      Sadly no way we could have made it to Game09.

      I hope the confusion over whether or not SI was attending wasn\'t an issue.

      I\'m looking forward to seeing the competition entries!
    1. Talonicus's Avatar
      Talonicus -
      lots of entries?


      I may be busy.

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