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    Today the first of our photo etched brass has finally arrived. I am very (VERY!) happy to announce that the 2mm Copperplate Gothic letters is now available for purchase!

    This is the first of many photo etched brass products already in the works. The 2mm runes have been approved and are in the production queue - and our first terrain/vehicle conversion kit, using a combination of resin and brass etch product, is in the final stages of development.

    But wait, that's not all!

    The first five orders over $30.00 USD will receive one set of "BE01 - 2mm Copperplate Gothic Letters" ABSOLUTELY FREE with your order. I kid you not.

    Of course you can also head to Secret Weapon Miniatutes and simply order the letters as a stand alone product. Nobody at Secret Weapon HQ would blame you.

    Me, I'm waiting impatiently for the tank I just ordered to arrive. At least one set of these letters is already spoken for.
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      You can view the page at!
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