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  • Armorcast Transfers the HeroQuest Miniatures License

    Armorcast has secured the transfer of the HeroQuest miniature license after the purchase of Lance and Laser. All eighty miniatures are now back into full production. HeroQuest miniatures are based on characters and monsters from Heroquest the 2nd Age of Glorantha designed by Greg Stafford and Published by Blue Moon.
    Armorcast is continuing its commitment to producing the best range of resin terrain as well asproducing a wide range of Roleplaying and wargaminig miniatures.
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      tidoco2222 -
      You can view the page at
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      demi morgana -
      I'm sure lots of people will be happy to add these classic models to their collections Good luck Armorcast!!!
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      ginfritter -

      The line was developed between 2003 and 2005 and sculpted by Jim Johnson, Steve Lortz, Bob Merch and Clint Staples. When I first saw the minis in 2003, I really enjoyed the human charachters and standard troops. They are a breath of fresh air with the "Low Fantasy" look. My favorite is the Red Emperors Court sculpted by Jim Johnson. Without any terrain the figures evoke a story with the emperor on his throne, the adviser whispering with the concubine lounging and looking at the Emeror. The two trust guards stand at his side looking for any danger. Strong sculpts and design.
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