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    The Minotaur Lords are available!
    This time we made two blisters, as the weight (really these are big!) made it unfeasible to put everything in one blister. Options are two-handed weapon or two weapons.

    This model has been sculpted by myself (Felix Paniagua).

    I really hope you like both of them!


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    1. demonherald's Avatar
      demonherald -
      yummy very nice felix .....
    1. Talion's Avatar
      Talion -
      Those are the nicest Minotaurs, I've ever seen!!!!!

      I shall be purchasing both of them after christmas.

      More generic monsters please.
    1. ScottRadom's Avatar
      ScottRadom -
      Super Sweet! Now get that Lizardman character going!
    1. Gaelion's Avatar
      Gaelion -
      Thanks a lot for the comments!

      I am really glad you like them. Minos are maybe my favourite fantasy monster, so it was a total pleasure sculpting them!
    1. Aliengod3's Avatar
      Aliengod3 -
      SOLD! They look amazing! Cannot wait to paint mine
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