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    NEW GAME RELEASED BY DARK ART MINIATURES! Free limited edition t-shirts! Brutal has opened its grungy arena doors to the viewing public! That’s right. We have finally released our Beta rule-set for Brutal along with this website dedicated to the brutal sport. Now you can fight in a battle of wits, cunning and courage as you let the crowd decide your fate. We are giving out a FREE limited edition t-shirt to the first 25 customers that purchase our special 'Brutal game-pack deal' We would greatly appreciate any support and we would love to hear your views regarding this Beta version at our forums. Thanks for your interest! Brutal website Forum
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    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      You can view the page at
    1. darkartminiatures's Avatar
      darkartminiatures -
      Thanks Vikey! let me know what you think of the rules once you have a read BTW anyone know why my news vanished from the front page?

      *edited* oops its showing up now *hits pc for messing with my head*
    1. ScottRadom's Avatar
      ScottRadom -
      I'll have to check 'em out after Christmas. Way to go getting this project up and running!
    1. darkartminiatures's Avatar
      darkartminiatures -
      Thanks Scott. Its been taking over my life recently. Thing is Its only just begun. No time to relax all systems go go go
    1. boristfrog's Avatar
      boristfrog -
      Way to go Klaus - really pleased to see this released, can't wait to try it out some time in the new year.
    1. darkartminiatures's Avatar
      darkartminiatures -
      Thanks. I'm looking forward to hearing what gamers think about it.
    1. darkartminiatures's Avatar
      darkartminiatures -
      Just a cheeky double post. Here's one of the miniatures from our second wave. She is a piercer class fighter. Any comments?
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