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    Hi there
    One big step for the completion of our "big wolf project" has been achieved now.
    Modelling the first wolf, the forewolf, so to say, has been finished now and cast in resin for further conversions.
    When those will be accomplished (2 of them will be done by myself, 2 by Stefan) we will be able to offer 5 wolves in different poses for use with your table top army.
    Keep an eye on this space for further information and pictures of our progress in this matter.
    Take care, Gregor Adrian

    more pics could be found on my sculptingblog

    best regards, Stefan Niehues
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    1. cfwheeler58's Avatar
      cfwheeler58 -
      You can view the page at!
    1. Aldarionn's Avatar
      Aldarionn -
      Any time table on when these will be available because seriously I will buy a full set as soon as they hit the market!

      Also, what kind of cost are we looking at? Even a ballpark will do, just so I can save for it.

      Gorgeous sculpt!
    1. Wyrmypops's Avatar
      Wyrmypops -
      Phwoar. That's lush. I'm getting a hankering for some lupine painting.
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