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  • a New Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army book (pdf) - Estalia

    A superb (unofficial) Warhammer Fantasy Battle army based on Estalia. The book contains 110 top notch quality pages covering all the background, society, history, characters and of course the Bestiary. The book complies with 8th edition WFB rules and is totally free to download or view online (no catches !).

    From raging bulls (literally "flaming" mad), Conquistadors, Arbelasts and Pikemen to the wayward (and no doubt hot !) Sisters of Myrmidia, a new Magic Lore, almost 50 new magic items and even El Cid and the confused but unbreakable Don Quixote himself.

    Please see the review for a quick summary and feel free to download. We hope you like it, all we ask is for some feedback in the forum but that's optional !

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