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  • CMON Shop Update: MIG productions restocked

    We have received a restock from MIG productions.

    You have seen all those insane paintjobs of tanks and vehicles in military modeling magazines, and wonder how they do it, well, we found out how, they use pigments! This is a brand new way of looking at weathering - Pigments are essentially colored powder. You can make a wide variety of effects such as dust, mud, rust, smoke, ash, dirt marks, rain marks. You can apply it directly or mix it with paints for different effects and texture. They can be mixed with any type of thinner such as turpentine, alcohol or water.

    There are many different techniques when using pigments. Obviously, it will take a few tries to get use to working with pigments, but it can save a lot of time using pigments to do weathering effects.

    Besides, MIG takes all the guess work out of it, with names like Concrete, Fresh Mud, Standard Rust, Rubble Dust, you never have to guess which grey or brown to mix to get the color you need ever again!

    All available now at CMON On-line store.
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