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  • CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2009 Reminder

    To all those who received an invitation (either in PM, or email, or both), please submit your pictures by October 15th if you'd like to participate. Hopefully we'll have them available this year.

    This is one of the few chances to see your miniatures in print, in permanent form, so if you haven't already get cracking and submit those hi-res pictures!
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    1. victoria's Avatar
      victoria -
      I re uploaded the images as per instructed (I think) but have no idea if it was done right?
    1. sivousplay's Avatar
      sivousplay -
      I have to agree with victoria ... I uploaded the pictures as per instructions ... but did not send any email or PM ... just followed the links and uploaded the pics. Is this the correct process?

    1. GunjiNoKanrei's Avatar
      GunjiNoKanrei -
      I hope this is the correct process as I have done the same.
    1. Elly3438's Avatar
      Elly3438 -
      I was curious, on CMON my pictures are in an edited pic with multiple angles in one pic... am I supposed to send in multiple pictures for each mini that are the specified width or just one pic per mini?
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      Hi, yup the process is fine, just follow the links and upload (and insert your real name if you like). That's all you need to do, we take care of the rest.

      And please submit multiple views, there's no need to submit colllages.
    1. Countersunk81's Avatar
      Countersunk81 -
      Done! My couple are now uploaded...
    1. Jericho's Avatar
      Jericho -
      Bit of a strange question, but could someone with the 2008 Annual please let me know which of my minis were included in it? I know a few made the cut, but I haven't ordered a copy yet (I really should get on that...).

      Some of the minis that I submitted in 2008 were updated and re-photographed for 2009 and I don't want to submit anything that was printed already. It can't do anything except take the recognition away from someone else's hard work.

    1. Tzardauker's Avatar
      Tzardauker -
      I have uploaded all the images by following the link ... I hope I did well the "homework"
    1. PrawnPower's Avatar
      PrawnPower -
      Just noticed the deadline is tomorrow . . . .

      Arghhhhhh . . . . .
    1. Bexley's Avatar
      Bexley -
      I'm a little confused- I clicked on the links in the e-mail, and it brings up the add/edit page for the photo. Am I supposed to replace my original photo, or use the "add another picture" fields that appear beneath my original image?

      **EDIT** I figured it out.
    1. dogfacedboy uk1's Avatar
      dogfacedboy uk1 -
      Jericho - you have Arwen and Sisters of Twilight Celthin Har, blood ravens master of the fleet, scrap prospector in the annual.

    1. Elly3438's Avatar
      Elly3438 -
      Is it too late to submit pictures? I had three tests this week and a project to post by last night so I haven't had a chance to get my pictures in. ><
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      We haven't started putting it together yet, so no it's not to late. Work starts Monday.
    1. Elly3438's Avatar
      Elly3438 -
      OK thanks! I'll get them all together and send em off later today. Really appreciate it!
    1. Jericho's Avatar
      Jericho -
      Quote Originally Posted by dogfacedboy uk1 View Post
      Jericho - you have Arwen and Sisters of Twilight Celthin Har, blood ravens master of the fleet, scrap prospector in the annual.

      Thank you very much, DFB. I can resubmit the Warrior Priest that got touchups and snow added to the base, without shame or fear of repeating myself
    1. khavor's Avatar
      khavor -
      Add my name to the list of procrastinators. I didn't realize they were due this weekend until I saw this thread. Just uploaded my pics though, hope I'm not too late.
    1. plattokeefe's Avatar
      plattokeefe -
      i didnt realise the deadline was the 15th and only submited my pic today, do you think im definatly to late
    1. Bexley's Avatar
      Bexley -
      I just got another email (an exact duplicate of the original) from Borg, dated today. As far as I can tell, my photos are uploaded. Was this just a reminder message sent to everyone?
    1. Chern Ann's Avatar
      Chern Ann -
      Probably sent in error, just treat it as a reminder. We will start putting the book together today so if you haven't already sent your pics, please do so asap.
    1. ravenswood's Avatar
      ravenswood -
      Do you send confirmation about uploaded images?

      P.S. Sorry for bad English
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