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  • CMON Shop Update: Kingdom Death Super Special Box Set plus restock

    We just got the super sexy Gift of Death box set from Kingdom Death:

    We've put together a lovely gift package brimming with Kingdom Death miniatures. Give the Gift of Death to friends and loved ones, a great introduction to the Kingdom Death miniature range! Please check out the details...

    Packed in a fetching black & grey pinstripe box, hand embossed with "Gift of Death", wrapped with a black ribbon and sealed with a black, silver or red! wax heart seal.

    Inside you'll find 4 of our released miniatures and 1 BONUS alternate sculpt:

    White Speaker
    Man - hunter
    Alternate Twilight Knight ( a wonderful alternate sculpt by a talented amateur sculptor included as a bonus gift ! )

    New! 8"x10" glossy print of "The Showdown", a scene depicting all the characters engaged with the man hunter.

    An awesome gift no doubt to any miniature enthusiast. Supplies are limited!

    We also got a full restock of this fantastic range:

    All available now at CMON On-line store.
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