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    Farewell celebration as well as exhibtion of my latest freelance work before my relocation to Nottingham, UK.
    Please go to:
    Martin Aigner (display and presentation), Martin Johann Krennbauer (photo), Emanuel Mauthe (text), Ruzica Sirovina (graphic design), Andreas Badelt, Sandro Fasching, Katharina Fuchs, Nina Glatz, Aline Kristin Mohl, Nina Herlitschka, Franz-Stefan John, Stefan Krautzer, Verena Krenn, Klaus Plewa, Andreas Schweighofer, Roman Skomorowski, Veronique & Walter Skomorowski.

    Maxime Penaud for the expression "Le Mode Geek".

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    1. Avelorn's Avatar
      Avelorn -
      Are you going to sculpt for GW or forge world? Best of luck regardless!
    1. CarbonCopy's Avatar
      CarbonCopy -
      The implementation of your free-hanging individual display cases is a very, VERY good idea! I'd like to "borrow" it, if you don't mind.

      I love your work... Best of luck to your future endeavors!
    1. skraaal's Avatar
      skraaal -
      I think the way in which you presented your work there was lovely. Wish I could have been there to admire it in person. All the best in the Nottingham.
    1. freakinacage's Avatar
      freakinacage -
      good to have you in the uk, shame it's nottingham. hopefully gw will start producing cool stuff now...
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